Welcome to Lac Seul / Williams Lake Lodge 

Whether you're an angler, a gamer, or an adventurer, we have something for you to enjoy.

Our fishing is among the best. Walleye, and Northern Pike are in abundance here. You can also find smallmouth bass, and muskie in these lakes. And thanks to our summertime fishing techniques, some of our biggest catches are in July and August!  But don’t take our word for it. Check out these web sites to learn just how incredible this fishery is.

Outdoor Canada Online "Where the Big Ones Are" by Gord Pyzer, In Fisherman

"Walleye Trips to Lac Seul" by Michael Bilsbarrow, Patricia Region Tourist Council

Bear hunting has become a favorite pastime here. Guide-assisted hunts will help you through the rugged back country of Northwestern Ontario, in search of game.

The peaceful surroundings of Williams Lake Lodge are a dream for any nature lover, with numerous photographic opportunities. Moose, bear, wolf,  lynx, blue herons, many species of ducks and other water fowl, beaver, muskrat, otter and families of bald eagles are regularly seen.

Check out the area that we fish and hunt on this map of Williams Lake and Lac Seul. Also have a look at the interactive Camp Map to see where the cabins sit and view photos of each one.

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Free Trip Winners  

Thanks to all of our conservation minded anglers that caught and released trophy fish in 2016. These large fish are swimming free, will spawn again in 2017, and will pass their "big fish" genes on to a new generation. Also, some of them will undoubtedly be caught, enjoyed, and released in the years to come. 

Again this year, many northerns over 40" were caught and released from both Lac Seul and Williams Lake. The largest was 43" long and was caught and released in Williams Lake by Mallory Hogan. Mallory wins a free trip for 2017. The fish is held here by her husband Nathan.

Hogan northern 2016

Many trophy walleyes were caught and released from both Lac Seul and Williams Lake. We had a tie at 32" for the largest of the season. Both fish were caught and released in Williams Lake. We are awarding free trips for 2017 to both Ken Zivkovich (top photo) and Ray DuBous (bottom photo).

Zivkovich walleye 2016

DuBois walleye 2016

Kathy and I look forward to having all three of you back at camp in 2017, as winners of our free trip contest..

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License info form:
Fill in and submit this form and Kathy will have your fishing and/or hunting license ready for you when you get here

Williams Lake Lodge Conservation Policy

As sportsmen and conservationists, we are interested in preserving our wildlife and fishing for our children and our children's children. We ask that you enjoy your stay with us for what it really is - a peaceful retreat from the busy routine. Catch tons of fish, but release all but what you really need to eat.

We fully support the MNR's size regulatons and are taking them a step further. All walleyes over 18" and all northerns over 27.5" must be released. C.P.R (Catch, Photo, and Release) is the key to maintaining our fabulous fishery. Keep some small ones to eat (they are the best tasting) and let the rest continue to grow. If you want one for the wall, a replica will last longer and you have the satisfaction of knowing that your trophy still swims. A conservation fishing license is included in the package price.

To further encourage the release of  trophy fish, Williams Lake Lodge will award a free housekeeping trip to the anglers who release the largest walleye and the largest northern pike of  the season. We need pictures and the length of the fish. Do not weigh the fish.

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